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Rental / staff Fees

  • Staff Point Person: In addition to the rental a fee, a Staff Point Person is required for the setup and run of all events during which the main office is closed (after 5:30 PM.) They will unlock and open the Arts Center, answer any questions, and are present during the entire event including set-up and break-down. One will be assigned with the completion of the contract.
    $15 per hour for setup and run of the event
    Events may be set up during office hours M-F 10 am – 5:30 pm without a staff person fee if available.

  • Security: If alcohol is being served, a police officer must be present during your event. An officer will be assigned to you following the completion of the contract.
    $30 per hour during run of the event per 100 guests. If alcohol is found on the property without a security officer you choose to forfeit the $200 security deposit in full.

  • Auditorium Technician: An Auditorium technician is necessary to operate the sound booth and to run lights and sound for performances and rehearsals.
    $75 flat fee during performances and rehearsals.

All events must be concluded by 11 PM!

ballroom 1.png


Price: $650

Seats: 250 people - with additional rooms
Dimensions: 52 ft x 64 ft

  • Ceiling Height 10 ft 

  • Solarium 50ft x 14ft

Have your event in the heart of The Arts Center. Consists of the main area, solarium, and kitchen.
Additional seating is available with the purchase of adjoining rooms (League and/or Media Rooms)


Price: $100

The kitchen is located at back of the Ballroom and is included with rental of the Ballroom venue or can be rented separately. It is equipped with an ice maker, 2 warming ovens, gas top stove and oven, convection oven, dishwasher, and 2 sinks.

Cookware is not provided.


League / media room

Price: $100 each

Seats: 40 people

Perfect for more intimate gatherings, baby showers, birthday parties, and bridal showers.

  • Media Room - Available with Ballroom rental only

  • League Room - Available to rent separately 

sculpture garden

Price: $300

Available for outdoor gatherings or added space for your Ballroom event. It includes a fountain, an arbor, sculptures and beautifully maintained grounds.
Setup for chairs is only available the day of the event.

garden 3.png
Vereen Gallery.jpg

Vereen gallery

Price: $300

Seats: 125 people
Dimensions: 40 ft x 19ft, 20

  • Ceiling Height: 10 ft

Add a new unique view to your event! Our Vereen Gallery hosts different art exhibitions throughout the year. Availability is dependent on the Exhibition calendar.

mccall gallery

Price: $200

Seats: 75 people
Dimensions: 20 ft x 38 ft 

  • Ceiling Height 10 ft

The McCall gallery hosts the Arts Center’s permanent collection of Frank McCall's works and provides an intimate and elegant space for gatherings.

contemporary gallery.jpg

contemporary gallery

Currently Unavailable

Seats: Up to 8 people
Change up the atmosphere for your next scheduled meeting! Enjoy works from our permanent collection in this intriguing space! 

kaleidoscope room

Price: $100

Seats: Up to 28 at tables

This child friendly space is great for birthday parties and celebrations. Has additional play space in the room and hallway.


Seats: 30 people

Need a space for your next meeting? Check out our Boardroom, a sophisticated setting for productive meetings.


Price: $100

dance studio

Currently Unavailable

Seats: 56 people

Large windows and mirrors creates a bright sunny space for birthday celebrations, bridal showers, and other parties.

dance studio 1.jpg


Currently Unavailable

Seats: 272 people
Our Auditorium is the go to place for concerts and theater events. It is equipped with a stage, sound booth, 2 dressing rooms, and a ticket booth. $100 per hour with a $400 maximum rental fee.

  • An auditorium technician is required to run lights and sound and is available at $75 per hour during your event.

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