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pick & paint

You pick it, then paint it, we glaze and fire it, and then you take it!  Bring a friend or a group. (Bisqueware ranges from $10, up to $45 and price is all inclusive.)

Please call ahead at 229.985.1922 so we may get your supplies set up. Due to time requirements, we recommend starting between 10:30 and 3:30 pm. Pick & Paint parties are perfect for birthdays, clubs, bridal showers, graduation and more.


How it Works

Pick it: Choose from a variety of pre-fired ceramic bisque ware including tea cups, boxes, vases, platters, seasonal items and more. Prices are based on the piece that you choose, starting at just $5.

Paint it: Pick from a number of colorful underglazes and create your own design that is uniquely you. Glaze and leave it to be fired. 

We Fire it: Pieces are typically available 7-10 days after being painted. We will give you a call when they are ready.

Enjoy! All completed ceramics are food and drink safe. They make great decorations and gifts!

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