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The Arts Center is proud to provide enrichment for the entire community. With a structured foundation in learning and entertainment, we have been inspiring people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to follow their creative passion within our walls and outside it. A diverse set of outreach programs allow us to reach communities such as senior centers, schools, and others that lack a formal art program. 

Our featuring exhibits are available to view free of charge, Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 5:30 PM. We dedicate our Traverse Gallery to promote the talents of local artists throughout the community.

The Arts Center is family-oriented and without all of you it wouldn't be possible. We believe when surrounded by great people, great community, anything can be accomplished. We're happy to host family friendly events throughout the year. Join us for our annual ArtFest, Patron Picnic, and so much more! Celebrate family; celebrate the Arts.

From High Schools to Art Museums, we preserve a piece of the town’s history in what was formally the Moultrie High School. This campus is a special place and it has become common venue for a variety of events.

In 2018, The Arts Center was listed as one of the 10 places in Peril by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.  Places in Peril sites have been identified as worth preserving for generations to come. For many years general maintenance of this nearly 100 year old building was deferred — not out of neglect, but out of necessity.  Money was tight and programming on site and outreach were the priorities! Now some of that deferred maintenance is beginning to catch up with us and we have to make restoration and preservation a priority.



Sign up to become a Patron and receive exclusive invites to exhibit openings and events, discount classes, and monthly information mailed to your door! 

How Can You Help? 

 Your support matters, and we can’t wait to have you join our family!

The Arts Center of Moultrie Patrons


Duggan/Horne Foundation

Moultrie Service League

Vereen Family Foundation

Volunteer Arts Alliance



Cobb Funeral Chapel
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Jeter
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Jones, Jr.
Ms. Midge McLean
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McLean

Ameris Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Beadles
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Cashwell
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Gude
Dr. & Mrs. James Huffman, III
Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Reagan
Mr. Jerry Smith


Dr. & Mrs. D. W. Adcock 
Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Barber
Mrs. Joyce P. Barber
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Beaty, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dennie Bassham
Drs. Michael & Catherine Brown
Rep. & Mrs. Chas Cannon
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Couch

Dr. & Mrs. Franklin Davis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Dell
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Johnson
Drs. James & Laura Keith
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Leonard
Drs. Marty & April Mathis
Mr. & Mrs. Preston Mobley
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Moss

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Norman
Red Clay Graphics
Dr. & Mrs. Jacob Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Sheldon
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Swartzentruber
Mr. & Mrs. Steadman Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Weber


Mr. & Mrs. Jose F. Abreu
Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Aguero
Mr. & Mrs. James R. “Bo” Baell
Dr. Elaine & Mr. Steve Barber
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Bartosh
Ms. Holly Duggan Beard
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Brown
Ms. Fraley Carlton
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Carlton, Jr.
Carter Wilkes Heating & Air
Ms. Nicole Clayton-Pink Penny Care
Mrs. Michael Carithers

Dr. & Mrs. Jay Cranford
Sen. & Mrs. Saxby Chambliss
Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Cordista
Ms. Julia Dorminey
Mr. & Mrs. Art Ellis
Mrs. Margaret H. Erickson
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Fallin


Dr. & Mrs. George Fredrick
Mrs. Ann Friedlander
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Clint Goss
Mr. Nick Chastain
Mr. & Mrs. Clarke Hendrick

Judge & Mrs. Frank Horkan
Dr. Amber & Mr. Will Holt
Mr. Preston Jimmerson
Mrs. Lynn Jones
Kiwanis of Moultrie
Mrs. Joyce E. Laabs
Mr. & Mrs. Josh Lovett
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lowry
Mr. & Mrs. J. Marshall McCranie
Mr. & Mrs. James McGilvray
Mr. & Mrs. Harden Mobley
Mr. and Mrs. John Mark Mobley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mobley

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Mobley

Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Moser
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Murray
Moultrie Federated Guild
Moultrie Junior Woman’s Club, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Josh Newton
Mr. & Mrs. Louie Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Trey Portier
Dr. & Mrs. Billy Ray Price
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Qurnell
Dr. & Mrs. Lee Redding
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Brandt Sims

Mr. David Wm. Spence
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stallings
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Strickland
Mrs. Hubert Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Vines
Mr. & Mrs. Jack R. Wilson
Mr. Jerry Wingate & Mr. Jeff Ophime
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel York


Mr. William Acuff
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Almond
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Bannister
Mr. & Mrs. Chip Blalock
Mr. & Mrs. Don Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Monty Carlton
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Castellow
Mr. & Mrs. James Cox
Ms. Kayce Creech

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dillard
Dr. & Mrs. Clay Dorminey
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Estes
Mrs. Jane E. Fraser
Mr. & Mrs. Clint Friedlander
Mr. & Mrs. Jack N. Gay
Mr. & Mrs. John Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. David Hart
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hart, Jr.


The Howard Center
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hutson
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Joy
Judge & Mrs. Wes Lewis
Judge & Mrs. Brian McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. Logan McLean
Mayor & Mrs. William McIntosh
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Madison, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Matney
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nixon
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Odom
Dr. & Mrs. C. Mathew Paine
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Peters, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Posey
Dr. & Mrs. Kent Posey
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Powell


Ms. Patricia Powell
Dr. & Mrs. John Lee Redding
Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Rowell
Mrs. William T. Simpson
Ms. Zana Spell
Mr. & Mrs. Charlton Tyler
Mr. & Mrs. Jody Tyson
Mr. & Mrs. Clay Underwood

Dr. Woodwin Weeks
Mrs. Ed F. Willis
Mr. & Mrs. Torey Wingate


Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Aldridge
Mr. Bryan Arwood
Ms. Dick Aycock
Dr. & Mrs. Justin Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Seth Berl
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Braggs, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Brock
Ms. Isabella Brooks
Ms. Jane Brown

Dr. Shirley Chandler & Mr. Dennis Irby
Mrs. Jack Chastain
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Coleman
Covington’s Catering
Dr. & Mrs. Terry Croyle
Mr. & Mrs. Courtney Davenport
Mr. & Mrs. Tony DeRosso
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic DeSalvo
Ms. Mary M. Dumas
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dunn


Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fritz
Mr. & Mrs. Austin Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Dell Gay
Ms. Jane Gibbs
Ms. Nicole Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Grantham
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Heidelberg
Mr. & Mrs. Buck Heard

Mr. & Mrs. Heath Herndon
Ms. Amanda Holt
Mr. & Mrs. Willie Ingram
Mr. Pleasant L. Jowers, III
Ms. Clovis D. King
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Klar
Mr. & Mrs. Judd Lasseter
Ms. Jeannette Lawton
Mr. & Mrs. Randall C. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Marshall


Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mazzilli
Ms. Jennifer Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Norman
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Patteson
Ms. Dena Pearce
Mrs. Clare Pearson
Mr. & Mrs. Robby L. Pitts
Mr. & Mrs. Corey Porteus

Retired Teachers Association
Mr. & Mrs. Lance Rickett
Rocky’s Trophies
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Sewell
Ms. Linda Sheffield
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sherling
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sims
Mr. & Mrs. Colby Simpson
Ms. Marvisha Singletary
Mr. & Mrs. Ian Smith


Ms. Yvonne Stancil
Mr. Tevores Sumlin
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Underwood
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Walker
Rev. & Mrs. Hugh B. Ward
Sen. & Mrs. Sam Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Hayden Willis
Mr. & Mrs. Truman Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Wingate


Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Bius
Ms. Barbara Grogan
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Harden
Mrs. Lisa Clarke Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Jarvis, Jr.
Mrs. JoAnne Jones
Ms.  R. Aileen McNair
Mr. & Mrs. Jake Mobley

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Saldanha
Mr. & Mrs. William Sewell
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Sparkman
Dr. Janice Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Brock Young


Avery Landscape Companies
C. H. Cannon Company
Capital City Strategic Wealth
Castellow & Strickland, LLP
Colony Bank
Colquitt Regional
Crystal Pharmacy
Georgia-Florida Eye Centers, P.C.

Dr. & Mrs. W. James Huffman, III
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Jeter
Lasseter Equipment
Magnolia Manor South
Mattco Realtors

Metro Power

Mobley Greenhouse
Mobley Plant Company
Moultrie Service League
PCOM South Georgia
Regional Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Southern Powder Coating
Southern Valley Fruit & Vegetable, Inc.
Spectacular Soirees

Swartzentruber Medical Services, LLC
Turning Point
Tyson Steel Building Products
Volunteer Arts Alliance
Weeks Farm Machinery
WMTM Radio

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