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Vereen Gallery


The Art of the Hunt

Patron Opening Reception  |  January 18  |  5:30-7:00 pm

Exhibition | January 19 - February 20

Explore the works of this talented mother and sons trio, featuring D. Arthur McBride, Ron Thomson & Thomas Thomson.


D. Arthur McBride

D. Arthur McBride completed her first oil painting at the age of 13 using her mother's supplies. She continued to paint and draw through her teens, but decided to major in Science in college, graduating from Rutgers University in 1966 with a BA in Natural Science. She taught high school science for 15 years.

In 1979, McBride was asked to teach an evening ladies painting class in Carrabelle, Florida. She taught the class for nine years until moving to the Tallahassee area in 1988.
Although primarily self-taught in art, McBride did take a few art classes and attended an occasional workshop, as well as a couple of International Portrait conferences, where she learned a great deal from well-known artists such as John Howard Sanden, Burt Silverman, and several more.


McBride purchased a home in Havana, Florida in 1992, which had a detached studio on the property. In 2000, she rented a storefront in downtown Havana, starting business as D. Arthur McBride Portrait Studio and Gallery. McBride painted and taught classes there for 20 years. In 2020, she and her husband purchased a large building on some beautiful acreage three miles north of Havana. They renovated the building and now enjoy a spacious gallery where McBride paints and teaches several classes per week. 

Although most of her work has been commissioned portraits, McBride also enjoys painting wildlife and pets, florals, landscapes, seascapes... whatever captivates her interest. She is always attracted to dynamic lighting and primarily paints in oils. McBride regularly participates in both local and international competitions.


Ron Thomson

Ron Thomson was born in Rota, Spain, and grew up in Florida. He earned his BFA with an emphasis on painting at Florida State University, and has worked as a professional artist since 1993. Thomson has lived and painted in Florida, Oregon, Colorado, and Alabama before settling permanently in Thomasville, Georgia.


An Artist in Residence at the Thomasville Center for the Arts since 2016, he holds his studio space there painting and teaching art. His work has been included in selected galleries and shows, and Thomson has been invited for several years now to participate in the prestigious Wildlife Arts Festival, one of the top fine art shows in the
country focusing on wildlife and sporting culture since 1995.


Thomson is an expressive realist working in oils. His collectors often describe his work as “seemingly alive”. Over the years, he has created a vast body of work on varied subjects, and has recently focused his interest on his love of wildlife art and portraiture of both “Man and Beast.” His goal is to create an encounter between the viewer and the painting subject that transcends preconceptions and previous experience, and helps create an understanding of the connectedness of all life.

Thomas Thomson

Thomas M. Thomson, born in Spain in 1968, has had an exposure to art his entire life. He was fortunate to be surrounded by a family of artists including his grandmother, mother and brother.

Thomas graduated from Florida State in 1994 with a bachelor's degree in visual arts. He then began a career as a graphic designer. He was diagnosed with late onset adult brittle diabetes in 2001 at the age of 33. In 2006, when a broken leg and ankle left him bedridden for about eight months, he refocused his attention on the fine arts and never looked back. Since then, a laundry list of ailments has afflicted him including neuropathy in all limbs since 2020 which has made the painting process very difficult and more time consuming.


He specializes in oil painting, drawing, commissioned portraiture, artistic nudes, fantasy and wildlife. He continues to fight thru these hindrances maintaining that art is truly an amazing challenge, to be documented thru the triumphs and the struggles.

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The Gallery

The Vereen Gallery is the Arts Center’s main gallery that houses 6-8 week long exhibits. The themes of the work on view in the Vereen Gallery are ever-changing and are expressed in a variety of different mediums. Most work on view in this gallery is available for sale.

All of our galleries are open to the public and free to view. 

Monday - Friday | 10 am - 5:30 pm

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