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Traverse Gallery


On View:

Selected Works by Sam McCoy & Randy Gibbs

Sam McCoy

Sam McCoy was born and raised in Orlando, Florida in the 90s.  She is a contemporary painter who focuses on the boundaries between natural and hyperreal landscapes of Florida.  She pulls her inspirations from a place where spectacles and roadside attraction dominate America's tourism capital.  Between eco-tourism destinations and constructed gardens, McCoy explores the contradictions of her experiences in these places.  By pulling back the metaphorical curtain on a carefully crafted image of Florida, McCoy’s ideas of disenchantment and re-enchantment are enacted in each painting. The viewer can still find meaning in the shadier discordant corners of the State. 

McCoy received her BFA from the University of Central Florida and her MFA from Florida State University.  Currently she the Senior Artist Programs Manager and Featured Wildlife Artist at Thomasville Center for the Arts, and continues to work in her home studio in Tallahassee frequenting picturesque springs and roadside citrus stands.

Randy Gibbs
"Randy Gibbs was raised in Colquitt County, out behind Spence Field, and grew-up farming like many in this area did. He said his interest in art started at an early age. When he got out of high school, he really wanted to be a veterinarian and went to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) to pursue it. However, he said, he had not taken chemistry in school and decided that he did not have the aptitude for it. So, he changed his major to art and attended ABAC for two years. Then he attended Valdosta State for a couple of years and was drafted into the United States Army. He said he spent most of his time in the military in the 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, N.C.

Since he was raised on a farm, Randy has always liked doing things with his hands, and if he had not been an artist, he would have been in the construction business. He built his house and his studio himself. When Woodhaven Plantation in Coolidge was being built, he was asked to paint a picture up in the dome in the skylight of the building. The Woodhaven project gave him his start and he said he was painting in oils and acrylics at the time. Then, he went to a water color class at the Arts Center of Moultrie and promptly switched to watercolors. Gibbs' paintings have depth to them because he likes to paint “in three layers,” which means there is the main subject and then something in the foreground and background, as well."

Excerpted from The Moultrie Observer, 8/15/2010


The Gallery

The Traverse Gallery is a gallery space that houses rotating exhibits.
It was created to exhibit the works of students and local artists. 

All of our galleries are open to the public and free to view. 

Monday - Friday | 10 am - 5:30 pm

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